Weekly Update: April 21-29th

We had a wonderful week. All be it cold, then hot and then cold again.

I was finally able to get out last Sunday for my first long bike ride if the year.

We also received a generous $500 donation from our friends to put us over our $5,000 goal! I really thought it would take us until September, but we hit our goal in only 4 months. Now it’s time to up the ante……..

This weekend was really busy for our family too. CJ had a baseball game Friday night. We woke up at 4:30am Saturday morning for the Around The Mount triathlon. Then went straight to another CJ baseball game at noon. Sunday morning we drove down to Baltimore for our kids first ever visit to Camden Yards for a Orioles game.

CJ and a few of his teammates got to parade around the field before the game. He is too young to understand just how cool of an experience that was but Jen and I were really excited to see him out there.

I’m going to enjoy a couple beers this Sunday afternoon and get ready to grind again next week.

Weekly training recap:

Sunday- 20 mile bike

Monday- 5 mile run

Tuesday- 1600 yard swim

Wednesday- 6 mile run + 20 mile bike

Thursday- 500 yard swim

Friday- Rest

Saturday- Around the Mount triathlon : 300 meter swim, 13 mile bike, 3.1 mile run

“Discipline equals freedom”


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