Roads Are Always Bumpy

Woke up Monday morning with bad back pain. Smack in the middle of my back. Couldn’t tell if it was soreness from last weekend’s trail race or a legit muscle strain. It hurt to do everything and even to take deep breaths. So much so, I had to put training on hold for the week.

Luckily, I know a guy (actually a girl), that’s a Physical Therapist. Dr. Nichole King, at Best Life Physical Therapy, was able to give me some good tips to relieve the pain.

I woke up Saturday morning feeling great and went out for a brick workout.

I made my way out to the Western Maryland Rail Trail.

The trail starts in Clear Spring and goes up the Potomac River to Cumberland. It is a wide, asphalt service that is completely flat. Makes for a great place to ride and run.

Bridge over a Potomac River tributary

On this day however, the trail was littered with debris. I had to dodge sticks and twigs for 20 miles. Tree roots under the paved surface caused bumps along the way too. These bumps didn’t feel good when riding 20 mph on a bike that has zero suspension.

These bumps we’re a perfect metaphor though.

Sometimes you think everything will be easy and smooth sailing. Then bumps come along and you have to learn to deal with them.


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