Weekly Update: June 17-24

Just keep grinding. That’s what I say to myself over and over, everyday. The old football coach saying (as cliche’ as it is) ” just take it one game at a time”, is exactly the way you stay on track to achieve big goals.

This week was no different.

I made some adjustments to my bike. I wasn’t very comfortable getting down in the aero position. As a shorter stature man, I need a little help being able to keep my head up to see the road as I ride.

I added 30mm risers to my aero bars.

Contrast between the new and old

I also needed to make some additions to keep me hydrated on long rides. I added a water bottle between my aero bars for easy access to water.

Profile Design water bottle

I was really thankful I added this. On my long ride Sunday, I went through two bottles of water and this was a lifesaver.

Saturday I was planning on a open water practice swim, but it got rained out. Because nothing ever goes as planned. Luckily I was able to head over to Shepherd University and get a mile long swim at their Wellness Center.

Shepherd University Wellness Center

My Sunday morning long ride started hot and ended hot! Good thing I had extra water.

And after my 32 miles was complete. We headed over to Mimi and Papa’s house for some much needed pool time.


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