Summer Vacay!

We just returned form our week long trip to Ocean City Maryland. Which was capped off with my Father In-Law’s annual crab feast.

Its fun to get away and also experience training in a different place. But the hustle and bustle of my family’s vacations sure does make time for training even more difficult. The fact I was able to get in a workout 3 times this week was a small victory in my mind. We go pretty much non-stop from sun up to sun down, back and forth from the beach to the pool to the beach to Fish Tales to the pool to the boardwalk to the pool.

But we always make time for a family selfie.



While we were gone, we had another article published about our journey in the Hagerstown Magazine. Author Marimar McNaughton and photos by Turner Photography Studio, did such a wonderful job capturing and presenting our story.

Hagerstown Magazine Article

I also wanted to make a pit stop in Cambridge on our way home to check out the Ironman Maryland location/course. All I REALLY wanted was to snap a picture of the Ironman Maryland Sculpture, which I assumed was in one of two parks along the Choptank River. After I came up empty at both locations we stopped at the Cambridge Visitor’s Center and I asked the nice lady behind the desk where it could be? I assumed it was somewhere close and maybe I had just missed it.

She looks at me with a blank stare for about 10 seconds, then says “I actually just saw it yesterday on my way back from physical therapy. It’s down on rt. 50, behind the Burger King, next to a gym or fitness place or something like that.” She even took the time to take out a map of the city and mark the various points of interest I’d need to find my way.

And sure enough, I turned right the Burger King parking lot, drove to the back of the lot and there it was. Parked right next to the side of a warehouse looking building. In the most random location in town.

Ironman Sculpture

I was really thankful that random lady at the visitors center: 1. New what the hell I was talking about and 2. actually remembered where she saw it.

It was a great ending to another wonderful family trip.



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